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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why The Father's House Is A Great Church

I had a great time teaching God's Word for my friend Pierre du Plessis at The Father's House in Rochester, NY. This was my second time being at the church and the first time I’ve preached there. Pierre and his wife Marlize took over this small congregation in 2002, and God has done some incredible things through their ministry over the last 8 years. The Father's House has grown to around 4000 people and has seen thousands of lives transformed by the power of God! I want to share with you why I think The Father's House is a great church. You can check them out at www.tfhny.org.

1. They are passionate about reaching people far from God. Pierre mentioned to me several times about how they try to stay relevant and maintain a heart for those far from God. They are doing a great job of reaching broken, hurting, lonely, addicted and un-churched people.

2. They have passionate and phenomenal worship. Their worship team is diverse, and they really pursue God. They lead people into the presence of God. There are hands raised high across the auditorium giving praise to Jesus, and the worship team leads. One word comes to mind: Beautiful!

3. They understand the importance of volunteer lay leadership. They are passionate about getting their church family plugged into a ministry so that they can use their gifts to be a blessing to others.

4. They have a 1 to 2 hour prayer meeting that around 200 people attend every Saturday morning! All I can say is incredible! Prayer really does make the difference. This one factor alone says a lot about why God is blessing this church in a unique way.

5. Pierre and Marlize have a father and mother's heart. They are investing into their staff and church family. They are being a father and mother to the church house. Powerful!

6. They teach the Bible in a practical way so that people can apply it to their daily lives.

7. They have a great passion for the hurting and overlooked in our society. They allow the physically and mentally challenged to worship in the auditorium. Their hearts for the overlooked are so awesome. I was deeply ministered to while listening to them talk about their hearts for those who have challenges.

8. Pierre walks with God. He talked in depth about how Jesus is working in his life.

9. They are visionary leaders. Pierre is constantly thinking about what God has next for the church.

10. They invest heavily into the next generation. They allow teenagers to be a part of the Sunday platform ministry time. They allow teens to get plugged into ministry and use their gifts now. They also have a great kids’ ministry.

11. They invest heavily into the community and missions around the world.

12. They are a staff-led church. They do have elders for accountability and spiritual leadership, but the church isn't bogged down with voting and unnecessary policies and procedures. When God speaks to the leadership, they can move immediately and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

13. They are a very multi-ethnic and multigenerational church. Pierre and Marlize are both from South Africa, and you can tell with their rich accents. The congregation and people on the stage are very diverse. This church is getting it done when it comes to being a diversified and unified church.

14. They are making Jesus famous! Their focus is Jesus! Their passion is Jesus! Jesus is what this church is all about!