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Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. This was my fourth straight week of traveling. Josh Brown, my Executive Director of Operations, and I flew out on Friday morning to Nashville, TN.

2. I spoke the main session of a pastor’s conference on Friday night and then did a Q&A with senior pastors immediately following the session.

3. Several of the leaders took me and Josh to a Mexican restaurant following the sessions. Mexican food at 10:30PM is not a good idea for your health. :)

4. I had a great ministry time in Nashville. I'm honored to have the opportunity to invest, learn and hang out with other pastors.

5. We caught a 6AM flight back to Oklahoma City, and I was home around 11AM. It was a very early morning, but was well worth it to spend the day with my family.

6. My wife made chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner. I must admit that I have a deep love for white gravy. This was an incredible meal.

7. We had a great day at People's Church on Sunday. Over the last month, around 200 people have committed and are getting plugged into a ministry.

8. I taught a vision message on Sunday. I always go long when I share the vision of PC. My heart explodes with vision. God is at work. Our best days are ahead.

9. Many people made a decision to sacrifice what they love for what they love more on Sunday. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

10. Many people made a decision to follow Jesus! YES!

11. Many people made a decision to begin tithing and many others made a decision to begin giving above their tithe to the CRAZY Campaign. God is at work in a huge way!

12. Many people made a decision to commit to attending the 8:30AM or the 1PM starting this Sunday.

13. We are adding a fourth experience beginning this Sunday, August 29. Our new experience times are 8:30AM, 10AM, 11:30AM & 1PM.

14. We are kicking off a new series called End Of The World this coming up Sunday. It's going to be a GREAT series!

15. This coming up Sunday, we are having a special performance, and in the kids’ area, Woody from Toy Story will be hanging out and meeting all the kids!

16. Start inviting everybody you know to People's Church!