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Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. It was an extra busy week and weekend for me last week. I also was fighting off a virus all week. This was one of the worst weeks of my life physically. Bummer!

2. Our Executive Director of Ministries, Troy Martin, and I caught a 6AM flight to Columbus, OH on Friday. I spoke twice on Friday evening and once on Saturday morning to pastors and church leaders.

3. I almost lost my voice on Friday night. My voice struggled during the Saturday morning session and in all 3 services at People's Church on Sunday morning.

4. I love hanging out and investing in pastors. I got home Saturday evening from Ohio, and I was wiped out.

5. I had a tough time sleeping Saturday night. I woke up around 4AM and couldn't go back to sleep. I had a lot on my mind.

6. It was great to be back at People's Church after missing the last two weeks. I'm glad to be back in the saddle for our fall growth season.

7. I'm still praising God for the 94 people who got baptized yesterday! Way to go public for Jesus!

8. The message went really well in all three experiences in spite of my voice issues. I'm very grateful for God's strength and anointing to preach.

9. If you missed church yesterday, this is a MUST hear message for our ENTIRE church. Please watch or listen to it at www.peopleschurch.tv. The message should be on the website by the end of the day.

10. I'm also praising God for all of you who signed up to get plugged into a ministry. The greatest in the Kingdom of God is truly the servant of all. Serving is so key to our spiritual growth and to ripping selfishness from our hearts. Let's serve each other! Let's live beyond ourselves! Let's be a blessing and not just receive a blessing! WAY TO GO, PC!

11. I can't wait to teach part two of the message 4 Chairs on Sunday! I love you, PC, and I am so humbled and honored to be your pastor and to be a part of a powerful move of God!