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Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Highlights

1. It was great to teach God's Word at People's Church after two weeks off.

2. It was a powerful and inspiring day at PC!

3. Worship was great! We sang one of my favorite songs called Moving Forward.

4. The song Moving Forward went perfect with my message.

5. My message was titled I Quit Making Excuses. 2010 is over and in the books, and now it's time to forget the past and move forward to all that God has for you in 2011.

6. The MC Hammer performance of the song Too Legit To QUIT was awesome! We have such talented people at our church. It was a great song and performance to kick off the new series.

7. I don't think I've mentioned this on my blog yet, but if I did, it's worth repeating! :) I won three fantasy football championships. I made the playoffs in all six leagues. I went to the finals in four of them and brought home three gold balls. Great year of fantasy football.

8. To the staff of PC: I own you! Two fantasy football championships in a row! You people better get with it because your pastor is wearing you all out! Better luck to you peeps next year! LOL!

9. We kicked off 14 days of prayer and fasting at People's Church yesterday. We are beginning this year with an intense pursuit of God.

10. The church building will be open for prayer Monday thru Friday from 6AM to 7AM and from 12PM to 1PM. Come spend some time praying with your church family.

11. Don't miss the special prayer, praise, worship and teaching this Wednesday night at 7PM at People's Church. This will be a powerful night of seeking God's face!

12. I can't wait for week two of I Quit! Invite everybody you know to experience the love of God!

13. I am surprised that the Seahawks beat the Saints in the playoffs. I also expected the Colts to beat the Jets. Anything can happen in the playoffs.