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Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Update

1. I took some time off to get refreshed and to spend quality time with my family. We had a blast together!

2. We went to two movies as a family. We saw Tangled and Yogi Bear. Our two year old son, Case, went to his first two movies. He did pretty good. He fell asleep during Yogi Bear and played during Tangled.

3. I had a slight headache before we went to see Yogi Bear and took two pain relievers. I didn't realize they were the night time pain relievers. I don't do well with night time pills, they knock me out. You guessed right, I fell asleep during Yogi Bear along with Case! :)

4. We went to Nebraska for 6 days and had so much fun. Tiffany's dad, mom & sister and her family live there. Her brother also drove in from Minnesota to spend time with the family.

5. We stayed up late every night.

6. We played the card game Rook almost every night. Ty, Tiffany's brother, and I dominated in Rook this year. We owned the card table!

7. Tiffany's mom checked out 4 iPads and they were a huge hit with the kids and the adults. We played lots of games on them.

8. I disconnected completely from work for 4 days. I didn't check my email, Twitter or Facebook. All of you senior pastors know that it can be extremely difficult to completely disconnect but once or twice a year I have to for my sanity.

9. Shelby Johnson, our Care Director, preached on December 26, and Troy Martin, our Executive Director of Ministries, preached on January 2. They both did a super job teaching on fasting.

10. People's Church is starting a 14 day fast beginning January 9. You need to participate and let God do something big in your life!

11. I am kicking off a new series this Sunday called I Quit. I'm very excited for all that God is going to do during this new series!

12. I'm back at work today, and I'm ready to roll! I'm ready for 2011! It's a new season at People's Church! God has BIG things for us!

13. I enjoyed my extended family time so much! Tiffany and my kiddos, I love you so much! You are the best!