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Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. Everything Christmas is unbelievable!

2. Our creative, video and production teams are knocking it out of the park for this series!

3. The choir rocked the house yesterday! Seriously, great job choir! Andre Daughty, you did a super great job getting the choir prepared for yesterday's experiences! Thank you, Andre!

4. I love seeing snow fall in the People's Church auditorium. It makes it feel more like Christmas time.

5. Yesterday we received a special Christmas offering to help 678 needy kids in the Oklahoma City area receive Christmas presents. Thank you People's Church for your generosity. If you weren't prepared to give yesterday, you can go online and give at www.peopleschurch.tv or be prepared this upcoming Sunday to give generously so we can bless needy kids. We need to give $50,000 so each kid can receive between $50 to $100 of Christmas presents. It's truly more blessed to give than to receive!

6. We started promoting our new series called Hungry. This series is going to have a profound spiritual impact on our church. Do whatever you can to be at church on December 26 when we kick off Hungry!

7. I finished with a winning record in all six of my fantasy football leagues. I won first place during the regular season in 3 of the leagues. Now it's time to bring home some championships in some, if not all of these leagues.

8. Everything Christmas FINALE is this Sunday! This is going to be one of the, if not the most incredible experience we've ever had at People's Church! Our team has worked so hard for this upcoming Sunday! Do whatever you can to bring as many people with you. Seriously, from the laser light show to the drum performance to (I'm not telling you everything)! Be there and INVITE, INVITE, INVITE! Lives will be changed by the power of Christ!